Probably one of the best beaches in the world

It all started with a walk

Exquisite Cottage 20, Belvidere Knysna

Having not made it a habit for many years, we decided on the spur to take a walk from Brenton on Sea to Buffalo Bay and back – a round trip walking not too briskly it should take you about 2 hours.  Try and do it on a low tide on the hard sand – anything other and it really is a serious workout – but then maybe this is what you want.  It is thee most spectacular beach walk and every time it will surprise you with new sights, sounds and curiosities.  We came across these two Black Oystercatchers closer to Buffalo Bay, but there are quite a few pairs all along this amazing piece of South African Coast Line.  They are a protected species and you would think that because of this you might not see much of them, but I must say you do see them quite often in this area which is such a pleasure.

On getting to Buffalo Bay we had a 20 minute swim and then headed back to Brenton on Sea.  On arriving at Brenton we immediately pulled in to the great little coffee shop at the Hotel, what a treat, to find probably some of the best scones ever and even better coffee.  What a way to end a very fresh and exhilarating morning – this is a must when staying at Exquisite Cottage 20.   

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